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ApprenticeshipNI is a work-based programme designed around the needs of employers. It offers recognised training and qualifications to new, and existing employees taking on new roles or responsibilities that require focus on training and development. There are a range of apprenticeship opportunities available across many different sectors but here at Steer Training Academy, we specialise in the Level 2 and 3 Diplomas in health and Social care. 


With no financial investment required from employer or candidate, it is an amazing opportunity to support and develop a vital workforce.

To be eligible for the Health and Social Care apprenticeships, a candidate must:

  • be aged between 16-24;

  • be about to take up paid employment as an apprentice with a Northern Ireland based company, or be an existing employee in a Northern Ireland based company who is about to undertake a new role that requires significant training and development;

  • be permanently contracted to work a minimum of 21 hours per week (which includes time for 'off-the-job' training);

  • hold a grade C or above in GCSE English and Maths (proof of certification is required) however, if this is not the case, we can enrol you in the Level 1 Essential Skills classes as part of the Diploma

  • some other eligibility criteria may apply, for instance, if you have previously obtained a similar vocational qualification but this can be discussed with a Steer advisor who will be able to review your individual circumstances

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