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Dementia Awareness

We have 2 levels of Palliative Care/End of Life courses available.

Level 1 is relevant to those who work in adult health and social care but have limited contact with those who may be approaching end of life. The course will provide a general introduction and will cover:

  • What End of Life means and who it affects

  • Who to contact regarding legal, ethical or safeguarding issues

  • Participation in reviews, research and surveys, including service satisfaction surveys

  • Self-reflection and what that means

  • What is meant by ‘informed consent’

  • Obtaining information about policy and evidence based practice

Level 2 is relevant to those who provide end of life care/support. There are 3 units within this course and they will cover:

  • The process and different expressions of loss

  • The importance of relations as a person nears end of life

  • Assessing an individuals mental health

  • The role of others involved in end of life care provision

  • Sharing information effectively

  • Referral criteria and processes for referral to specialist services

  • The potential emotional impact of death and dying upon others

  • Legislation and ethical requirements surrounding palliative/end of life care

  • The values that underpin social care work

  • Your role in safeguarding individuals

There is a short quiz at the end of the unit and upon completion a printable certificate will be provided.

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